West Java Struggle Monument – Best Place To Visit In Bandung

West Java Struggle Monument

West Java Struggle Monument is a symbol of the manifestation of the people of West Java in maintaining independence in Bandung. This monument symbolizes the tenacity of the people of West Java crush the invaders who want to master the unitary Republic of Indonesia. This monument is located in north of Bandung exactly Sate Building, Bandung.
In this monument there are the reliefs on the people’s struggle against the invaders in West Java. Both the metal door that led into a room beneath the monument, and should be in the room there is a library, a diorama of the struggle of the people of West Java, and the auditorium. But from the establishment of the monument, around 1996 until now, has not been opened. High palm-lined bottle between the monument and the road linking Surapati, simply bring susasana monumental. Which is a city park is public space, rather it can reduce carbon dioxide and can accommodate all the activities of the community. But unfortunately, acts of vandalism can still be seen here. Public awareness would be improved, for the beauty of a work.