Sentra Sepatu Cibaduyut – Best Place to Visit In Bandung

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Cibaduyut is one of the icons of the city of Bandung in matters of craft shoes and other leather goods. Cibaduyut is one of the villages in the District of South Bojongloa, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Cibaduyut shoe shopping center market is the world’s longest shoe sales, where the location is the center of the sale of shoes created by the craftsmen who acquired the manufacturing knowledge to the next. In 1989 the government of Indonesia inaugurated the Cibaduyut this as a tourist destination.
If you visit the city, it never hurts to come to this Cibaduyut area. Place in the south of Terminal Leuwipanjang provides unique shoes affordable. Shoes and various other accessories are all the production from the local community. Cibaduyut can be reached from the city center about 30 minutes. This area was originally known for its central leather shoes. To go to Cibaduyut not difficult. In the quarter Leuwipanjang – Cibaduyut marked by a statue of the shoe making it easier for visitors to get to Cibaduyut. Shoe statue was a symbol of Cibaduyut shoes and the only statue in the city of Bandung. Cibaduyut shoe statue is the entrance to the access Cibaduyut of Bandung.