Sentra Kain Cigondewah – Best Place To Visit In Bandung

Sentra Kain Cigondewah

Cigondewah is the center of the fabric in South of Bandung, but Tamim and Pasarbaru. In this area, you can buy fabric at low prices. There are many shops that lined the road Cigondewah. The area is quite long, the east by Taman Kopo Indah / Cibolerang. Borders the west Cijerah and Margaasih. Center of Cigondewah fabric seems to synergize with the surrounding area. For example, in the area around Cigondewah, as there Rahayu-Sindang Palay industrial hats, bags, jackets, etc.
About the origin, Cigondewah become a center of cloth, starting with H. Kohir as pioneers, followed by citizens of other Cigondewah. This development is so fast. Currently there are pilot, was in the early 90’s. Because, before becoming the center of the fabric, Cigondewah is the center of the sacks used. Apparently, buyers in the center of the fabric Cigondewah is not only the citizens Bandung in West Java alone but there are also people Malaysia or Japan who happen to live in Bali. Any information from the mass media may be absorbed by many foreigners and people of Indonesia itself. Information of a kind of mass media radio, television or newspapers of its influence on the market or economic developments. The main attraction of the textile trade center Cigondewah include:
  • Center of sales of all kinds of cloth
  • Center product and sales of handbags and purses
  • Center product and sales cap
  • Center of sales molar recycling factory
  • Center product and sale of children and adult clothing
  • Center of penjualam support materials industry and convection
  • Center of roduksi and selling Muslim clothing
  • Center product and sales kesed Dain patchwork
  • Center of factory sales of recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastic bags, cotton waste, yarn, and quilt.