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Kebun Bunga Cihideung

Cihidueng, village located in the district Parongpong, which were once only a rudimentary farming spot alone, has now evolved into “Interest Travel Regions”. This region is accurately described as a tourist area of interest, because in all the village has seen a flowering plant that is cultivated Various types of flowers can we find in the village this Cihideung, from plant ornamental to plant pieces.
Flower Park Cihideung is located in the district Parongpong, Village Cihideung, Bandung regency which is about 20 Km from the city of Bandung. This place is also accessible by public transportation or private vehicle. Located approximately 4.7 miles of Road Sergeant Bajuri, located near the junction terminal Ledeng in the direction of the road to Lembang, precisely Cihideung village-sub Parongpong (Lembang area) with an area of approximately 50 acres of land. villages that were previously only used as a simple farming has developed into a tourism area interest whose products have been known to the world.
Cihideung tourist village flower show and beauty of its natural beauty. Expanse of flower gardens with all sorts of variations are very indulgent eye and promise peace of mind. From the start of chrysanthemums, roses, gladiolus, daisies, and even citrus fruit trees kimkit you can encounter. Here the price of cut flowers and flower pots or polybags are very competitive and friendly flower growers and sellers make you feel at home and was impressed. Other skills of interest in Cihideung farmers are making decorations for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, events decor and also decorating seminar for landscaping in the yard.