Kawah Domas – Best Place to Visit In Bandung

Kawah Domas

Domas Crater attractions are still in the crater of Tangkuban Parahu tourism environment is very famous in the area of West Java. The distance is only about 1,2 kilometers. Nevertheless, Domas crater has not been visited by many and still looked deserted.
Although the distance is only about 1,2 km from the crater of the Queen – Tangkuban Parahu, Domas Crater attractions seems not so frequently visited by tourists. Signposts might not big attraction to visitors eluding, or because visitors are required to first walk through the forest trees that shade the steep road down so most visitors prefer to ignore it. Distance of 1,2 km is certainly not a considerable distance.
But the steep road to make some people would think twice when going back to the hiking path and certainly would drain energy and breath. Though visitors do not have to worry about running out of breath fatigue or because there are other, more flat roads to return to the asphalt road (general) with public transport available to take visitors back into the crater of the Queen. Or by private vehicle, visitors may also go directly to the entrance of the tourist area is located at the bottom of the attraction sphere of the queen. Guide its direction is on the way home when visitors take the left turn at the intersection near the parking area.