Kampung Gajah – Best Place To Visit In Bandung

Kampung Gajah

Kampung Gajah is a tourist place, located at Jalan Sergeant Bajuri 3.8 km Bandung – Lembang, West Java, Java Island, Indonesia. Kampung Gajah stands on 58 hectares of land and has had a development permit up to 200 ha, is located above an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, has a quite beautiful natural scenery and the air cool and fresh, this place is very suitable to serve as a tourist with family . From Kampung Gajah, visitors can see the beautiful city of Bandung from a height.
Kampung Gajah is a restaurant which is conceptualized as a playground. To add to the attraction of this place, then in be sure to allow various games facilities which can be used by adults and children, as children play, eco Segway ride, body cycle, buggy, horse and wagon, ATV. There is also a special game for children, such as Teletubbies, mini atv, big children playstructures, swing and swing, mini flying fox, monkey bars, bicyle track, garden shelter, and beca mini trampoline. Smart cars are also environmentally friendly and can be rented, with 439 Meter SkyRider Parallel Adventure The flying SkyRider that can be flown side by side as well own to enjoy the scenery and the mountain city of Bandung. Wide variety of foods from Indonesia are available here, such as batagor, dumplings, grilled sausage, fried sausage, oxtail soup, steak, grilled ribs rica, grilled ribs and other soya. Food of Asia, such as Dori Fish Thai Mango, Singapore Fried Rice, Malaysian Beef Curry. There are also European food, such as calypso shrimp salad, salad nicoise, hungarian beef goulash soup, baked macaroni, fried potato skins, zuppa zuppa, salmon poached in white wine soup, steak, pasta and so on. Go to Bandung from Kampung Gajah, grab a fork in Terminal Plumbing lane to the left, then there will be a huge billboard that will lead visitors to this place. From Terminal Plumbing is only 3.8 km. Kampung Gajah located in West Bandung, on Sergeant Street Bajuri km 3.8 (formerly named Century Hills), lying still in the direction of Kampung Daun, Sapulidi, home strawberries and The Peak.