Kampung Boneka Kain Sukajadi – Best Place To Visit In Bandung


Cloth Doll Sukajadi village, located at Street Sukamulya Indah – Village Sukagalih – District Sukajadi. Industrial centers Sukamulya dolls – Sukajadi – City of Bandung, is a potential asset. Its presence is believed to support the growth of the city’s economy and address the employment issues.
As a region long known to the public both local, regional, perhaps even abroad, the industrial area as well as shopping areas should provide comfort. In line with the changing times, the lifestyle and needs of actualization, the doll is one product that attracted many people from among children, adolescents, adults, even adults. Dolls favored by small children, teenage girls and even mothers. Typically, a doll-shaped animals, humans, fruit, cartoon characters, or other forms. Some advantages of the doll business is able to survive because this product is favored by the various levels, ranging from children, teens, girls, and mothers. Stuffed products business is still quite open with sales volumes range from tens of millions of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars.