Goa Jepang – Best Place To Visit In Bandung

Goa Jepang

Japanese caves are caves that are made during the Japanese occupation that had colonized Indonesia, the cave is the hiding place and a gathering place of the Japanese to set the strategy at the time. Goa was founded around 1942 by the Japanese. This cave is not far from the Dutch cave, the cave is also working for the military defense of Japan.
Dated March 10, 1942 with the official War of the Dutch East Indies army with its civilian government surrendered unconditionally to the Japanese Imperial Army soldiers with a simple ceremony at City Hall London. After the ceremony the Dutch East Indies War Commander Lieutenant General Ter Poorten and Governor-General Van Starkenborgh Tjarda prisoner in World War II Mansyuria until completed. Goa is said that the construction is done by the labor force at that time called “romusa” or “nala karta” additional Goa is located in the hills of Experts precisely located in Forest Park area of Ir. H. Juanda has four doors and two air ducts.
In contrast to the Cave of the Netherlands who has undergone several renovations in its part, Japan still has a cave like structure of origin. The cave walls of hard rock was not coated with cement like what happened in the cave dutch. Inside the cave there is also no lighting installation. Not unusual, hard look at the cave walls that must take a long time to make wide and covering an area of the cave. Especially when it is a tool used to make the cave is still a kind of traditional means of crowbars and shovels are of course required of workers in large numbers at all.